Lawyer, Pro Bodybuilder the Brains, Brawn Behind AZÖTH 2.0’s Nootropic Formula

In October of 2018, Tewarie will compete professionally for the first time at the OCB Gaspari Pro.

We’re one of the only companies with a background in health and fitness. This is our biggest advantage and why we’re seeing such immense growth already. Our early adopters are from the health and fitness demo, and they see the value of fully disclosed labels with clinically dosed ingredients.

Lawyer and pro body builder by day, entrepreneur and supplement innovator by night, Boston’s Prady Tewarie is both the brains and brawn behind AZÖTH LLC, a start-up company that’s growing rapidly behind the strength of its cornerstone AZÖTH 2.0 nootropic formula.

Nootropics are one of the fastest growing segments in the supplement industry. Dubbed “smart drugs,” nootropics were born in Silicon Valley, created by so-called “brain hackers” to help improve cognition, memory, attention span, creativity and motivation. Tewarie, a member of the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB), already had extensive supplement knowledge, and he began adding nootropic ingredients to his regimen to help him make the most of his time, which he calls man’s most valuable commodity.

“We tend to live our lives thinking we’re not really in control of things,” Tewarie said. “But once you start bodybuilding, you see your body transform with any small changes you make. And you realize that you’ve been the master of your own ship all along.”

He began competing at age 17, winning the local teen and junior divisions before advancing to the state and national levels. He earned pro status in April of 2017 at the OCB Spirit of America contest in Boston, Mass., at the age of 26. In October of 2018, Tewarie will compete professionally for the first time at the OCB Gaspari Pro, vying for his first world championship qualification with the largest drug-free bodybuilding organization in the U.S.

While Tewarie was shaping his body and breaking into the OCB ranks, he also attended the Boston University School of Law, where he graduated in May before beginning his other career as a business lawyer. In school, Tewarie tested hundreds of formulations on friends and himself. After an initial run, he perfected the formula…

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