Law Firm Social Media and Client Acquisition

You’re a lawyer… Perhaps you’ve made partner… perhaps you’re on your way to becoming one… Or, you could be a sole practitioner… Having more clients helps, right? Want more clients? Of course you do… Law firm social media can help…

If you are in the service industry, utilizing social media isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity. It’s an opportunity to communicate with hundreds of clients, and thousands of potential clients, in seconds. This extends to law firms, whose interactions with clients and potential clients has typically been limited to lead-generating advertising or interaction via phone, email and time-consuming face to face meetings (sometimes over an expensive dinner or lunch). A law firm social media campaign might be the answer.

In addition to disseminating news and information about you or your firm, a law firm social media program is great way to humanize the firm and its attorneys by engaging both potential and current clients in a meaningful two-way dialogue. Of course, consumer companies have already demonstrated considerable success in leveraging social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Law firms can easily implement these social media strategies in their own law firm social media strategy in order to help improve their brand reputation, better engage with prospects and clients, and ultimately drive business.

As many firms operate through multiple practices your law firm social campaign should focus on topics particular to your firm. Craft sub-profiles for each specialization, promoting relevant news, responding to relevant posts, and becoming a valued and respected member of your particular law niche within the social community.

Law firm social media strategy should also include a component for customer service. Clients or potential clients now have other avenues of reaching you besides email and voicemail.

In addition to brand building and lead generation, Law Firm…

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