Lasik Vision Lighting Up Lives

The health of our eyes should be our main concern, to avoid diminishing vision. Glasses to correct vision have been used through ages, and are still is popular as it is hassle free compared to contact lens fitting, which needs extra care.
Contact lens fitting has various steps to go through; firstly the condition of the eyes should be in accordance to the rules to be followed before putting on the lenses, secondly; Allergies and dryness in the eyes will result in deteriorating your ocular health. These details have to be kept in mind before switching to contact lenses.

Lasik vision corrective surgeries have now become immensely popular as people are coming to know of this latest technology. There are several types of lasik vision corrective surgeries that differ from each other very minimally.

Invented in the eighties, PRK or photose fractive keratectomy was the Lasik vision correction that was then the first use of the technology. Though lasik is similar to PRK in many ways, its procedure comprises of exposing a deeper layer of cornea. This can result in delayed improvement and recuperation.

A flap using a microkerotome is made at the front of the eye in the Lasik vision correction but with PRK the outer layer of cornea is removed by the laser. This is one prominent difference between Lasik and PRK.

Lasik technology has further been used in other type of Lasik vision correction like custom Lasik, wave front Lasik and wave front guided Lasik. Custom Lasik is a procedure through which the laser is used to correct any irregularities by following the 3D map created to show the eye processing the image and how well it is doing it.

This method of Lasik vision correction brings out sharper vision and not as risky as the Lasik procedure used earlier.

Some improvements in procedure and technology is seen in the epi-Lasik type of Lasik vision correction. Here a epithelial separator-a blunt plastic tool is used to remove the flap instead of alcohol used in some laser vision corrective surgeries which can kill the epithelial cells.

In Lasek a very fine blade called a trephine is used to cut the flap and then alcohol solution is applied for an easier flap removal. Intralace Lasik is a type of Lasik vision correction that is a blade free method.

Two lasers are used in which one laser is used to create the flap and the other laser, meanwhile is used to reshape the cornea to correct the vision unlike the traditional Lasik in which a microkerotome is applied to create a flap…

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