Las Vegas Marijuana Business Law Attorneys Help Dispensaries Start Recreational Sales

Derek Connor of Connor & Connor PLLC, which specializes in marijuana business law

Making sense of everything you need to do to get licensed and sell recreational cannabis legally is a tough task…

In a short time, the state of Nevada has moved forward with the recreational sale of Marijuana. Select medical marijuana dispensaries will now be able to sell product to adults ages 21 and over, if granted a retail marijuana store license.

Unfortunately, not every medical marijuana facility will be eligible. Some are experiencing delays in their application process, and others are having trouble meeting regulation requirements to become operational medical marijuana facilities. In short, a tangle of red tape is keeping these companies from participating in the sale of recreational marijuana.


And it is not only medical marijuana facilities who are finding it difficult to toe-the-line in light of new developments, but distributors as well.

A ruling rendered Tuesday by Carson City Judge James Wilson ensured that retail marijuana distribution would be conducted exclusively by wholesale alcohol distributors until the Department of Taxation can make a sufficiency determination, despite the Department of Taxation opening up the application process to other distributors in order to meet the overwhelming demand anticipated on July 1.


Las Vegas marijuana business law attorneys are these companies’ greatest ally. Established firms like Connor & Connor PLLC, prove indispensable in helping these businesses to avoid falling behind in sales, to remain competitive in the market, and to endure the legal vagaries of the capricious retail marijuana industry.


Marijuana business owners also have to navigate the complex…

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