Larson Electronics LLC Releases Portable Gas-Powered Electric Start Generator

Portable Gas-Powered Electric Start Generator

This portable generator is equipped with may safety and operational features, increasing its reliability and lifespan greatly. With an EPA rating and quiet engine it’s an optimal option for temporary power in remote locations or during disasters.

Larson Electronics LLC, a leader in industrial lighting, has just released a new portable generator that features an electric start and 7.0 horsepower gas-powered engine. This portable generator is suitable for use in remote locations, such as temporary camps, construction sites, military bases and areas without reliable access to the grid.

The Larson Electronics GPG-4KW-1P-120.240 is a portable, gas powered generator with a durable 7.0 horsepower, air cooled overhead engine. It features a 4-gallon fuel tank with an EZ-pull recoil start, that can produce 3,300 watts of constant running power and 4,000 watts at its peak. This generator’s heavy-duty all steel tank provides up to 8 hours of runtime at half load and can power electronic devices such as lights, laptops, and appliances. The tank also has a readable fuel gauge for easy operational monitoring. This portable generator has multiple receptacle options, including two fully protected 120 Volt, 20 Amp, 60 Hz-NEMA 5-20R outlets and one 120 Volt, 30 Amp, 60 Hz-NEMA L5-30 twist-lock outlet.

Features include oil-shut off safeguards to protect the engine, an integrated circuit breaker to prevent system overload, and a spark arrester to prevent flammable debris from expelling from the generator while in operation. These features allow this unit to be used safely in outdoor areas and hazardous locations. An automatic voltage regulator helps this generator produce cleaner power and keeps it EPA approved. The GPG-4KW-1P-120.240 has a heavy-duty steel frame with four-point fully isolated motor mounts, and a quiet engine. An accessible, full power panel houses all of the power and monitoring features. The unit’s robust recharging options offer flexibility in environments where access to reliable power sources are severely limited.

“This portable generator is equipped with may safety and operational features, increasing its reliability and lifespan greatly,” said Rob…

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