Larson Electronics LLC Releases A New Intrinsically Safe Class I Division 1/Class II Division 1 LED Flashlight

Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight

These intrinsically safe LED flashlights provide operators with the same quality of light as some of our more heavy-duty lights but in a portable form. This combined with the hazardous area rating makes them the perfect solution for confined spaces.

Larson Electronics LLC, a leading industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new intrinsically safe LED flashlight to be added to its expanding catalog of products this week. This ATEX/IECEx rated LED flashlight (EXP-LED-402) has been designed as a compact lighting solution for hazardous work environments.

This Class I Division 1, Class II Division 1 rated intrinsically safe LED flashlight supports two beam settings: high or low. In low beam mode, this LED emits 31 lumens of white light reaching 278′ with a runtime of 9.15 hours. In high beam mode, the flashlight emits 120 lumens of white light reaching 564′ with a runtime of 6 hours. Weighing 4 ounces, this luminary is extremely lightweight. Operators may use a fastener to lock the switch, ensuring that the flashlight remains off in hazardous locations. The EXP-LED-402 comes with several safety features for use in hazardous locations. A aluminum heat sink helps to improves heat dissipation during operation, while also reducing the possibility of malfunction from overheating. A valve design prevents the buildup of hydrogen gas. This intrinsically safe unit is ATEX/IECEx approved and IP67 waterproof with a T4 temperature code. A high impact lens cover protects the LED chip from debris and rough handling, and a non-slip handle helps to prevent accidental dropping.

“Although heavy-duty lighting has its benefits, sometimes a smaller, more compact lighting option is more ideal,” said Rob…

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