Lanny J. Davis Announces Second Episode of Podcast Series—“To Catch a Thief”

“You cannot put a wall in someone’s brain to prevent them from taking advantage of knowledge they have of a product, that’s just not possible! Ford executives lied when they told us they maintained a Chinese Wall.”

Today, Lanny J. Davis, an attorney representing Versata Software, Inc. (“Versata”), introduces the second episode in his podcast series, “To Catch a Thief,” a story of Versata’s contention about how Ford Motor Company Stole $1 Billion in Trade Secrets.

Episode two, as well as the rest of the To Catch a Thief series can be heard at:

Episode Two: The Not So Great Chinese Wall recounts promises made and promises broken about a “Chinese Wall” between Ford employees working on Versata’s Automotive Configuration Manager (“ACM”) software, and the employees that developed Ford’s copycat software. Mr. Baxter promised a Chinese Wall separated Ford employees with knowledge of how ACM works, and those working on Ford’s copycat software. But, as sworn depositions will expose, reputable technology vendors must be wary when trusting Ford Motor Company with their trade secrets.

In a December 19, 2014 meeting, Ford executive David Baxter assured Versata representatives that Ford maintained a Chinese Wall when developing its copycat software intended to replace ACM. Skeptical of Mr. Baxter’s claims, and with so many lingering questions following the December meeting, Versata placed Ford executives under oath in sworn depositions to get the truth.

One of the first Ford executives questioned was Mr. Baxter. In his deposition, Mr. Baxter admitted to promising Versata a Chinese Wall existed, but made a much more stunning admission.

“Question: As long as you didn’t copy the source code, which you didn’t have access to, was it your view, Mr. Baxter, that Ford had the right to copy anything else it wanted from ACM?” recounted Versata attorney Lanny Davis from David Baxter’s deposition. “Answer: Yes.”

“Then why would you need a Chinese Wall if you could copy anything you want,” asks Davis. “Which is it Mr. Baxter? Were you lying when you said there was a Chinese Wall, or are you lying when you said you had the right to copy…

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