Lamborghini-inspired speedboat goes on sale with matching car

Keen to diversify away from cars and towards “lifestyle” offerings, the world’s car companies have been busy creating yachts that match the brand’s idea of their place in the luxury market space.

Jaguar has its Concept Speedboat, Porsche the RFF 135, and Aston Martin the AM37.

Each craft gives a nod to the identity of the car company that created it but rarely does the boat come on sale with the car that it’s based on accompanying it.

The $2.1m (£1.7m) sale of this speedboat is taking place over eBay and includes a bright green (or Verde Singh) Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster with only 700 miles on the clock, capable of 217mph.

The sports catamaran is a re-imagined MTI 52’ Super Veloce speedboat. It’s a one-off craft, designed specifically for the current owner, and comes with 10,000 marine LEDs, a $25,000 stereo system, and $20,000 mock-Lamborghini front and rear lights.

Although not designed by Lamborghini themselves, the craft contains $50,000 of authentic Lamborghini parts, all of which has been “marinised” to withstand saltwater damage. The identical Lamborghini Verde Singh paint job is believed to have cost $75,000.

The garishness hides some intriguing engineering and design details. The Super Veloce has an all-carbon fibre hull, is powered by two Mercury outboards generating 1350bhp, providing a claimed top speed of 180mph.

But if its new owner requires a little less power, they can switch the Veloce from “race” to “pleasure”, optimising the craft for cruising rather than performance.

The seller notes: “One of a kind pair. An unexpected family incident “regrettably” forces the sale of this incredible package.”

This unique sale has been made by Miami restaurateur, Gino Gargiulo, who has initiated a series of car-boat hybrids. The “Raging Bull”, as he calls it, goes further than ever to mimic its road-based counterpart. 

“MTI [the boat builder] put inserts in the moulds to create…

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