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Fortunes can change quickly in the NBA, where, by rule, something has to happen at least every 24 seconds.

Not even the reigning-champion Warriors, however, can break this fast, the landscape of opportunity around the league U-turning this week in a manner violent enough to cause spinal distress.

Just a few days ago, the overwhelming consensus was that the rest of the NBA was kidding itself, that Golden State was unstoppably in position to win all foreseeable titles.

Everyone else wasn’t only playing for second; they were playing to be swept into second. Outside of Oakland, championship dreams had the buoyancy of a deflated Spalding.

Now – just a couple trades, a dozen reports and a million rumors later – pretty much all things are possible again, up to and including the Lakers being the league’s newest super team!

Paul George will be dealt next. Or perhaps it will be Jimmy Butler. Maybe Kevin Love. Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis are definitely leaving New York. Unless they aren’t.

The Rockets are going to sign Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, assuming the Spurs don’t sign Paul first and assuming Houston or San Antonio is more adept at luring Clippers to Texas than Dallas was two summers ago.

For a league that just gave us a postseason devoid of drama, the NBA has bounced back with an offseason already packed with more intrigue than Shakespeare’s imagination.

Yeah, you’re right. The Warriors are still the decided favorites to win a third championship in four years next spring.

After that? Hey, is it too early to name the Lakers the NBA’s Most Improved Players?

The rookie regime of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka on Tuesday made a decision that shook up the franchise’s present and – more significantly – future. In so doing, they beat the NBA’s 24-second shock clock.

In an astonishing move, they dealt D’Angelo Russell to and dumped Timofey Mozgov on the Brooklyn Nets, in exchange for Brook Lopez and a late first-round draft…

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