LAI International Presents Journey to Manufacturing 4.0

LAI International, Inc, a world-class provider of manufacturing solutions to the aerospace, military, energy and medical industries, presented to the Manufacturing Leadership Council earlier this month. As part of the presentation, LAI outlined its roadmap and progress-to-date in the quest to implement Manufacturing 4.0 into its four factories throughout the United States.

The LAI Northeast team is the first site to roll out the first elements of the Manufacturing 4.0 initiative, which LAI has dubbed Factory of the Future. LAI’s Factory of the Future harnesses technology to improve the quality of products delivered to its customers. A key element of the initiative enhances the way associates receive and collect data. Work instructions are digitalized and associates can input Statistical Process Analysis data with computing tools. The eventual goal is to create control limits and have inspection machines feed the data to the computer for analysis, then feed the shifts or trends back to the machine where the operation that caused the shift occurred. This eliminates the opportunity for a human to make an error and gives the customer a better-quality product at the end of the manufacturing cycle.

In addition to enhancing product quality, LAI’s Factory of the Future also improves operations and productivity. Associates are trained to the latest needs, as defined by the customer, and always have the most current instructions to make the product. Real time changes can be made and data is collected digitally, reducing paperwork and potential disconnect from the product. From procuring the raw material through the final inspection, record keeping of all the elements are retained in one location and attached to the customer’s purchase order, further ensuring all the records are provided – an important aspect of the process within the aerospace community. After the Factory of the Future pilot program is underway with floor associates in LAI Northeast (Scarborough, Maine), LAI plans to roll out the system to the LAI New York site (Green Island, New York).

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