Laguna Woods Village approves fee increase for additional occupants – Orange County Register

A resolution to increase the additional-occupant fee from $47 to $90 per month for each additional occupant over two was unanimously approved by the Golden Rain Foundation board on Tuesday, Aug. 1.

The increase accounts for additional use of community services and facilities, the resolution stated. Village Management Services General Manager Brad Hudson said that 270 additional occupants throughout the Village currently pay the additional-occupant fee.

“I know that (number) is a vast understatement and there are a lot of folks doing a lot of interesting things to avoid paying that fee,” Hudson said. “That is going to come to a very rapid conclusion — for a number of reasons — but mostly because of the gate data we’ll be able to collect, we’re going to know who’s coming in and out of here, what time and days of the week.”

Hudson noted one person who has lived in the Village as an additional occupant for three years who hasn’t paid the fee and now must reimburse the Village for all three years of fees. Caregivers do not count as additional occupants for the fee, he added.

For United Mutual residents, the $90 GRF additional-occupant fee will be in addition to the $90 United additional-occupant fee. Third Mutual does not have an additional-occupant fee.

The resolution will be revisited in September to satisfy a 30-day notification requirement. If approved, it will go into effect in January.

Lawn bowling greens

GRF passed a motion to approve a contract with True Draw Bowls, not to exceed $412,303, for reconstructing two courts at the lawn bowling greens at Clubhouse Two. About 30 lawn bowlers attend the GRF meeting to support the project.

“It’s a shame that it’s taken this long to get to the point that we’re fixing this,” Director Kathryn Freshley said, followed by applause from the lawn bowlers.

The reconstruction project will including replacing the playing surface, drainage and backboards.

The motion passed 7-1, with Director John Beckett abstaining. Beckett said that the project should have required corporate member approval.

Air curtains

GRF passed a motion for VMS staff to install three air curtains – downward-facing blower fans that mount over a building entrance to contain inside air – at the front and rear entrances of the Community Center lobby. The contract allows up to $12,000 for the project.

The air curtains prevent air from coming inside up to 60 to 80 percent, VMS Community Manager Lori Moss said.


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