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Third Mutual passed a resolution to adopt a common-area land-use policy, that, if passed on second reading, would require a manor owner to get 67 percent approval from that manor’s community before ownership of any portion of common area can be transferred from the mutual to the manor owner.

The 67 percent written approval must come from the manor owner’s original mutual within Third – which contains 59 separate corporate homeowner associations – when it was initially Leisure World. President Rosemarie diLorenzo Dickins said this will make the voting process easier, since there will be fewer people to obtain a vote from opposed to the entire Third Mutual.

Manor owners have previously requested to make architectural extensions to their manors into common-area land.

“If somebody wants to say ‘This is so important to me, I want to get a vote of the community,’ they don’t have to get a vote of 6,000 manors,” Dickins said. “It’s their local community and we would totally be happy to work with them to get what they want, and we would be staying within the law.”

California Civil Code §4145 requires the 67 percent approval and requires the member to manage the common-area land they acquire, which must be generally inaccessible and not of general use to the community as a whole.

Dickins added that the smaller mutuals range from 200 to 500 people. Village Management Services Community Manager Lori Moss said residents can get a map from the VMS office showing where the original mutuals are located within Third.

The resolution was passed 8-0-1, with Director Annette Sabol-Soule abstaining. The resolution will be revisited in July after it satisfies a 30-day notification requirement.

Drone policy

Third passed a resolution to adopt an amended drone policy, after it was rescinded in April for the Golden Rain Foundation Security & Community Access Committee to review.

The policy states that drones are prohibited in the Village unless they are flown by…

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