Laguna Woods adopts regulations for marijuana cultivation – Orange County Register

The Laguna Woods City Council passed a resolution to adopt regulations for personal medical and non-medical marijuana cultivation.

The council adopted the regulations at its meeting on Wednesday, June 21 to be in accordance with state law, after voters in November approved Proposition 64, which decriminalized recreational marijuana use.

“People who require medical marijuana will soon be able to cultivate their own for use, and all of our caregivers will be able to grow for their patients,” Councilwoman Cynthia Conners said.

For non-medical, recreational marijuana, the city permits an individuals 21 years and older to cultivate up to six plants.

City Manager Chris Macon added that commercial marijuana cultivation will remain prohibited in Laguna Woods.

“We allow delivery, we allow growing, whether it’s recreational or medicinal – it’s the same plant,” Mayor Shari Horne said.

City Council vacancy

Since the resignation of former Councilman Bert Hack in May, the council had been accepting applications for candidates to fill his seat. Macon said that of the six people who applied for the position, five were legally qualified for the seat.

The candidates are: Prakash M. Achrekar, Richard B. Johnston, Louise Lanning, William “Joe” Rainey and Sheryl Strich.

The council voted to invite the five applicants to attend the next council meeting on Wednesday, June 28 to introduce themselves and take questions from the council members.

“I’d like to ask each of them to tell us something about their life and history before Laguna Woods – things they think we ought to know about them and things they think they can bring to the council,” Conners said.

The majority of next week’s meeting will be the interviewing process, Macon said.


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