Lagos have out class beauties to visit

Africa is beautiful continent of the world to visit. As Africa is the best continent of the world as far as travel and tourism is concerned. Lagos is capital city of Nigeria and currently serving Nigeria as commercial capital city. Tourists from all around the world like this city and pay frequent visits there by taking their flights to Lagos  and other parts of the world.

Lagos is placed on the Bight of Benin along the beautiful and enormous blue lagoon of Atlantic Ocean. There are many other countries placed in Africa which have lots of beauties and attractions to visit.


Cameroon is a miniature of Africa offering tourists to see desert, beaches, mountains, rainforests and even volcanic big mountains. The wildlife is scattered throughout the country. The Maroua plain fringed with beautifull rivers, Benue flows, bamboo forests and small villages here and there is a picturesque view.


Egypt always wonderfull travelers with its huge pyramids and ancient monuments. A cruise over river Nile can show you the style of living in Egypt and a peep into the past. There are few diving resorts near Red Sea, which opens underwater wonders to you. The pyramids of Giza, ancient palaces and enchanting temples of Karnak, though built more than 4100 years ago can still be seen in its glory. The camel trains of nomads are a common sight in Egypt with sturdy stature of Mount Sinai in the backdrop.


Kenya has many of wild life and surprising greenery. Kenya means safari and it has lots of national parks and reserves. It has 6 marine parks in Indian Ocean and 50 parks and reserves. Have you heard of Masai tribe? Clad in red robe, they still follow a traditional lifestyle and can be seen in Kenya. Kenya’s tourism infrastructure is much developed.

But if we compare these beauties with the attractions of Lagos then Lagos will stand as the clear leader with the ravishing beauties. Tafawa Balewa Square, Apapa Amusement Park, Aburi gardens, Black heritage Museum, James Fort, Light house fort, Ikoyi Island, Lekki Market, Lekki beach, Akodo beach, Synagogue Church, Alpha beach, Eleko beach, light house beach, Tarkawa beach, Bar beach, and many other places of same nature are placed in Lagos to fascinate the visitors. Tourists book their flights to Lagos by KLM to enjoy their time. But most of the visitors from all around the world book their seats in cheap flights to Lagos  to enjoy their holidays.

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