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Sadiq Khan and Andrew Gwynne both refused to completely rule out a re-run of the vote when questioned, as the topic of Brexit continues to dominate the Labour conference in Brighton.

The Mayor of London opened the door to a second referendum by saying, “as things stand the referendum results are the referendum results”.

He added: “The British public voted to leave the European Union. There is a different conversation about did they vote to make ourselves poorer.

“I think the reality is the British public have voted in the referendum, it does appear as if we are leaving the European Union.”

Andrew Gwynne, the shadow communities secretary and the party’s general election chief, also refused to rule out a second vote. 

He said: “It’s not Labour Party policy to have a second referendum.

“It is about making sure Parliament holds this government to account, but who knows where we will be at the end of this process, at March 2019.

“Certainly Parliament, at the very least, wants to have that final say over what deal Theresa May comes back with.

“I’m not one of these people who can look into the future and second-guess where the public is going to be. But it may well be that the government comes back with no deal, and it is Labour Party policy that no deal is the worst possible kind of result for the United Kingdom.

“I think that in that event we would have to have a very serious discussion about how we take that forward. 

“If the government come back with no deal we’re very clear that is not in the British interest.”

Meanwhile, in another bid to hijack Brexit talks, Glenis Willmott, the party’s leader in the European Parliament, was adamant Labour would not support a deal that undermined workers’ rights and the Northern Irish peace process. 

He said: “Some time in the next 18 months the European Parliament will have to decide whether to approve or not the final Brexit deal.

”On behalf of my Labour colleagues, and on behalf of our sister party colleagues across Europe, I can tell you there will be no backing for a deal that undermines the peace process in Northern Ireland.

“There will be no backing for a deal that fails to give peace of mind to EU citizens in Britain, and Brits who have made their home abroad.

“And there will be no backing for a deal that opens the door to attacks on workers’ rights and safety standards.”

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