LAAA Presents Karchi Perlmann’s ‘LA Rhapsody – Super Moon/Opus No. 1’, a 65 Feet Long Immersive Panoramic Portrait of Los Angeles that Calls up the Spirit of Robert Baker


“The size and form of this photograph provides me the platform to explore important cultural, social and historic conversations that are representative as well as relevant to us today all in a single image,” said Karchi Perlmann.


Venue: Gallery 825, 825 North La Cienega Boulevard, LA, CA 90069

Dates: September 9th – October 13th, 2017

“LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1,” a new exhibition by LA-based, Hungarian fine-art photographer Karchi Perlmann runs for five weeks at the Los Angeles Art Association’s 825 Gallery from September 9th through October 13th, 2017. “LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1” is a 270-degree panoramic cityscape of Los Angeles that was shot during a Super Moon in 2014.

“LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1” is one of the largest, single photographic fine-art prints. Installed as one 65 ft. long and 5 ft. high, continuous, fine-art photograph, it’s accompanied by a narratively driven atmospheric sound installation that brings the urban texture for an immersive experience.

“LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1” begs for careful consideration: where one initially sees majestic beauty, a closer look reveals people, events and storylines. The piece paints a romantic and breathtaking vision of the city at first as it is illuminated by the Super Moon, but the painstaking details in the photography unearth a remarkable narrative that is unexpected. The life size photograph constructs a world of which with Angelinos are all too familiar. A movie screening, people practicing yoga, a fire, an arrest, a Hollywood Bowl concert, a homeless encampment, provocative billboards, wildlife and much more.

The scrupulous details of the photograph chronicles the experience of living in Los Angeles, examining how the city manifests itself to its people largely determined by their social vantage point. LA’s astounding wealth makes for a city that is rich in culture, however, still divided along social class lines, fostering disparate experiences within its borders.

“The size and form of this photograph provides me the platform to explore important cultural, social and…

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