Know What Makes a Good Website?

Fifty six seconds is the time an average US Internet user spends on a website (according to a report by Nielsen Online). That is, Fifty six seconds is the duration in which he clicks through to your site, reads content, compares his requirements with the products on offer and makes a decision to buy or not.

Adding to this, he/she always has the option of switching back to the Internet from the current site, with the same requirement in mind. So when it comes to designing a website, businesses must take all possible measures to encourage a customer to advance towards the purchase.

Read through the article to find out some of the crucial aspects that aid in making a good website.

Color patterns – first impressions
First impression counts when it comes to a website. The first thing that meets a customer’s eye once he comes to your website is its appearance. A website with a pleasing color scheme can create a positive emotion in the minds of customers. Dull looking websites may change the emotion to negative and may not reflect the true image of the business. A below average first impression can lead to high bounce rate.

Font size, color, images, graphics, content, ads, etc. combine to give proper appearance to a website. Do not flood the website with loads of information. Make use of relevant and prominent titles that help customer in easily navigating through the website.

Make use of meaningful headings. They should convey what the customer is about to read further. Small paragraphs will make reading easy. Divide your content into smaller paragraphs to make it easy for your customer to go through your website. If you want to emphasize on an important heading or link, use a bigger font size or a brighter font color.

Provide relevant information to your customers to move them closer to a purchase. You can add information like same day shipping or free shipping (if you provide), various payment modes you accept, sample reports of different tests,…

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