Kmart Offers its New Line of CUTEST Matching Costumes Ever for Moms & Babies this Halloween

Mom & Baby Chef and Cupcake Costume

These cute and clever designs offer the absolutely perfect choice for moms who have a busy schedule!

It’s almost that time of year again. Pumpkins. Falling leaves. Cool weather on the way. A full moon on the horizon. And, of course, Halloween night! Is there really a more fun and creative holiday for moms and their little ones? Not to mention the mommy and baby milestone of that first time dressing up in costume!

When it comes to decking out their older kids, it’s always easy for moms to find quick and easy Halloween-appropriate costumes in-store because there are so many options to choose from.

But when it comes to outfitting baby AND mom, that’s a little more complicated. Why? Because wherever baby goes on Halloween, mom goes too. Moms are hip-connected to their little guy or gal for so much of the day/evening (at least until they tire out) – which means that 1) they also need to suit up in style and 2) they and their Halloween costume “alter-egos” are inextricably linked. And what fun-loving mom doesn’t WANT to dress up for baby’s first (or second) Halloween night?

Searching the stores to coordinate matching themed outfits is no easy task. And spending hours at the fabric store and trolling the web for handy craft ideas for moms and their mini-mes to sync up costume wise is something most moms with a little one simply don’t have the time for.

This year, Kmart is coming to the rescue. They’re offering a NEW adorable line of Mommy & Me Costume Kits from the popular Halloween costume designer InCharacter Costumes, LLC.

These premier quality designer costume sets are available in uber cute, eye-pleasing themed designs:

  •     Chef (mom)/Cupcake (baby)
  •     Island Hula Girl (mom)/Pineapple (baby)
  •     Ringmistress/Lion Tamer (mom)/Lion cub (baby)
  •     Barista (mom)/Cappuccino (baby)

The best part of all: the costume for mom isn’t really a traditional costume at all – it just looks like one. It’s actually an “apron-style” slip-on that easily ties from the back. From the front, it delivers all of the same styling and design as a full Halloween costume – providing an identical “look and feel.” But it gives mom…

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