Kings County Fire Department’s New Fire & EMS Software Streamlines Incident Reporting

Switching from our previous software to Emergency Reporting will be greatly beneficial for both fire department personnel and the community we serve.

Kings County Fire Department has invested in a new cloud-based Fire & EMS software to streamline its incident reporting and records management processes. The Emergency Reporting system gives the fire department an easy-to-use, centralized platform for NFIRS and NEMSIS 3-compliant reporting (federally-regulated coding requirements), managing data, running reports and analytics, and assessing their response times and performance, which will ultimately increase their ability to respond to incidents faster, providing better outcomes for citizens, firefighters and EMS personnel.

After being unsatisfied with their previous records management system, the department sought a system that would meet their specific needs. They compared various records management software companies and ultimately decided to purchase Emergency Reporting’s solution, which allows Fire & EMS agencies to only have to complete one report for each incident vs. two and offers the most easy-to-use, robust system in the industry.

“Other records management software systems were trialed during the search for a replacement of our preexisting software, which did not interface well and doubled our data entry at the station level,” said Clay Smith, Fire Chief at Kings County Fire Department. “This was one of our motivations for finding a records management system that worked with our department. Fortunately, when we did a demo of Emergency Reporting System, we knew right away that this was what we were searching for all along.”

Since state and federal guidelines require detailed reporting, having this software will give all the department’s firefighters and EMTs a simplified way to report incidents with increased accuracy and efficiency, ultimately improving productivity, saving the department time and money, and increasing safety for both first responders and the public.

“ERS will be advantageous for the Kings County Fire Department in terms of simplicity,” Chief Smith said. “ERS is straightforward, adaptable and offers a unique analytics feature. Switching from our previous software to ERS…

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