Kim Jong Un’s bizarre North Korea propaganda photos

From a lubricant factory, a baby home and orphanage, to a tire production factory, Kim Jong Un has conducted many sporadic visits to odd and quirky North Korean sites throughout the years.

Kim is often photographed with a massive grin and interacting with factory workers. Several officials also typically stand in the background taking notes — about something — during the visit, though the only details released about the trips come through KCNA. The visits are often described as “field guidance” from Kim and usually includes praise for the workers.  

At times, he’s joined by his rarely-seen wife, Ri Sol Ju, and his sister, Kim Yo Jong, peering at glass cases of beauty products or standing behind the despot with a smile on their faces.

Here are some bizarre photos of Kim during his visits.

2013 to 2016: Kim at a foodstuff factories

Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to the Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory.

 (KCNA via Reuters)

Kim was photographed visiting foodstuff factories several times since assuming power in 2011. He inspected biscuits at Foodstuff Factory No. 354 in 2013…

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