Kids Make the Darndest Viral Videos

Instead she stages photo shoots many times a week, during which the girls do relaxed toddler things: make princess cakes; drag dolls dressed like the twins; or sit in wagons while having staring contests in front of the family’s stately red-doored home.

The images are then posted to Ms. Stauffer’s 2.2 million followers. Recently a Stauffer video got a coveted repost from Kris Jenner, perhaps the ultimate authority on building daughters’ brands. “#iminlove,” Ms. Jenner wrote.

Kaitlin often cues the children their more sophisticated lines. In one recent video, Mila addresses a date with her friend Sawyer that went boringly wrong when he paid more attention to his sports league than to her.

“Fantasy football?” Mila said, while raising her palm talk-to-the-hand style. “So basic.”

Ross Smith, a 25-year-old social media star (he has four million Facebook followers, 1.5 million on Instagram, and an average Snapchat post gets about one million views), has collaborated with several children.

“Kids are the new social influencer,” he said. He is not a parent himself, but he understands the instinct to seize on corporate offers when they arise. “Kids grow up and become less relevant. The sweet spot is between 2 and 4,” after which, Mr. Smith said, “they’re not that cute.”

Mr. Smith lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is best known for videos he shoots with his 91-year-old “Granny” (whom he prefers not to name). They have worked with Mila, making a video of Granny giving her dating advice. It posted in September and has been viewed more than 31 million times on Mr. Smith’s Facebook page.

Grandma gives relationship advice to a 2 year old Video by Ross Smith

He has also teamed up with Korbin Jackson, a 3-year-old from Dothan, Ala., who is best known for his soccer and Ping-Pong ball trick shot videos.

Their video pitted Korbin against his sparring partner (whose T-shirt said, “Straight Outta the Nursing Home”) in a trick shot battle. It has been viewed 18 million times on Mr. Smith’s Facebook page. To film it, Mr. Smith flew Korbin and his parents to Ohio. Upon arriving to Mr. Smith’s house, Korbin said he needed a nap, so the production was halted for an hour or so.

“It’s hard to work with kids, but it’s fun,” Mr. Smith said.

Korbin got his start in social media accounts after his parents made accounts to share videos and pictures of him with friends and family. His father, a…

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