Kickstarter Launches New Killer Card Game Geared Toward Family

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If you feel that way about UNO, then Brownie Points is going to kill ya.

According to Entertainment Software Association, in 2015 155 million Americans played video games on a regular basis. Game creator Jared King explains people are after fast, quick, games since their attention spans are short. Is there a card game that can be just as fast and entertaining keeping people’s attention span from wondering? “I think we may have found one” states Heather Barney, a game store owner from Texas, “It’s called, Brownie Points Card Game.”

Brownie Points Card Game offers different elements to the game that have caught gamer’s attention such as throwing people into the Dog House which is now a reality.

The game makers pout that no hand is safe as the movement of cards is constant. And a never seen before Slap Attack has people psyched out of their minds. “You never know when or where it’s coming from” explains Ron, a hard-core gamer, “but, it’s an attack-full way that changes the game on every hand. Brilliant!”

In an interview with CEOmanship host Steve Gordan, Steve expresses to Brownie Points Card Game creator Jared King that it’s sometimes difficult to play UNO with loved ones because it’s so competitive. To Jared’s response, “If you feel that way about UNO, then Brownie Points is going to kill ya.” Jared is referring to the Brownie Points Slap Attack that is fast, mind-blowing, and has no mercy. Jared continues, “It’s the best element to the game and people are going to love it.”

Jared created the game to bring back family game night in a fun and unique way. The graphics on the cards are fun and done in a way that promotes good deeds and gaining rewards bringing a playful twist to an already high intense, fast game that makes you go mad occasionally.

And if that wasn’t enough, the creators also added an element of embarrassment for those who bluff during game play. It’s called, Brownie Squirts. “The Brownie Squirts card is really the walk of shame and I hate when I screw up and get this card, but then again, I love seeing other people get it so it’s a love hate relationship,” explains Dave, who was a…

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