Keywest Technology Expands Abilities With New Digital Signage Player

352 Digital Signage Player

By connecting this [digital signage] player to our cloud-based Breeze CMS, we offer almost unlimited possibilities to bring ideas to fruition

With over 15 years of digital signage experience, Keywest Technology maintains the philosophy that great content requires great software and hardware to deliver a great solution. This philosophy is underscored by the release of a new digital signage player, the “352”, which is the first multi-use player of its kind from Keywest Technology. Besides the many built-in performance features of the 352, the outstanding feature crafted by Keywest Technology is how it is cross-platform compatible, from cloud-based digital signage to premise-based digital signage to interactive integration.

According to Koytt Nichols, company president and director of R&D, the new multi-use player is the best answer to most digital signage applications.

“We are creating more possibilities by expanding digital signage capabilities at affordable price points. Every digital signage application has unique needs that in the past required different hardware, content management, configurations, and software. Our all-new multiuse 352 digital signage player easily adapts to the majority of ideas one can think of, from signage networks to interactive displays to video walls. By connecting this player to our cloud-based Breeze CMS, we offer almost unlimited possibilities to bring ideas to fruition.”

In other words, AV system integrators and IX (integrated experience) designers should not judge the capabilities of the 352 by its size, which measures only 5.5” x 4.2” x 1.1” (140 x 107.5 x 27mm). Despite its diminutive size, the multiuse player is loaded with features and tools that make it a dream to install in immersive media applications. Following are some of the 352’s most important features:

  • Connects to Breeze Digital Signage cloud CMS for the ultimate in dynamic content capabilities, including video walls, interactive, and signage networks
  • Supports either Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu OS
  • Supports HTML5
  • Can be configured to work as a stand-alone (a.k.a. MZP MICRO) player operating on Windows compatible MediaZone Pro software with or without a…

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