Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends Study to Focus on Exploring Pricing Models for Digital Delivery in Transactional Communications

Keypoint Intelligence

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends is pleased to announce a new study entitled Pricing for Digital: Exploring New Models for Transactional Communications Delivery. Research begins October 2017 and final deliverables are scheduled to publish in December 2017.

As delivery of transactional communications continues to shift from physical to digital environments, the pricing discussion is becoming more complex for service providers and technology vendors. This is accentuated by emerging digital channels and the increasing need for real-time use of transactional data to drive communications. Service providers are bringing a variety of approaches to the market, making it difficult for enterprise prospects to compare competitive offerings. At the same time, many enterprises continue to separate print from electronic delivery in an often rigid RFP process, reducing opportunities for service providers to showcase pricing for a holistic approach to creation, management, and delivery of transactional communications. Implementing digital channel delivery requires IT infrastructure and activities that are not always visible to clients. These capital-intensive investments often require a swift ROI that is not compatible with a print-oriented pricing model.

This research study will help subscribers:

  • Identify opportunities for new pricing models for transactional communications to remain competitive—yet profitable and relevant—in the industry
  • Create a channel pricing strategy that ensures costs are associated with revenues
  • Learn about industry best practices and strategies for pricing and packaging of digital delivery

“There’s a clear need for pricing insight in the market today,” noted Matt Swain, Group Director at Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends. “We are encouraged by the response we have already received to this study and we look forward to delivering actionable insights to impact future pricing strategies.”

This study is purpose-built for service providers supporting the transactional communications market and customer communications technology vendors looking to identify opportunities for new pricing models in transactional communications delivery. Subscribers will understand how…

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