KeyedIn Announces Seamless Integration Between Its Manufacturing ERP Solution and QuickBooks Online for Manufacturers

KeyedIn, maker of cloud ERP and project management software, today announced its seamless integration with QuickBooks Online for its extensible and configurable cloud-based manufacturing ERP solution.

Without this seamless integration between manufacturing production and financials, manufacturers struggle with duplicate data entry from orders to invoicing to the collection of cash. The end result is limited visibility into the estimated and actual costs of work, cost of sales, and work-in-process valuation, which all can delay closing the financials at the end of each month or quarter and negatively impact profit margins.

The seamless integration between KeyedIn Manufacturing and QuickBooks Online will give KeyedIn customers the complete visibility they need to know the health of their manufacturing business at any point in the month. By eliminating the need to manually enter orders, generate packing slips, invoice customers, and journalize entries in disparate systems, errors are eliminated and the days to collect cash are reduced significantly.

The difference between KeyedIn Manufacturing and other ERP vendors that integrate with financial systems such as QuickBooks is that both solutions are fully delivered to customers in the cloud. This eliminates the need for costly infrastructure that many on-premise solutions require today. With KeyedIn and QuickBooks Online, manufacturers enable end-to-end manufacturing control and increase efficiency without disrupting the financial aspects of the business.

“We are excited to deliver this seamless connection between manufacturing data and financial data to our customers using QuickBooks Online for General Ledger,” says KeyedIn Director of Product Marketing Dave Lechleitner. “Manufacturers are now able to use solutions fit for their unique business needs based on size and industry, and have access to the solutions anytime, anywhere, from any device with cloud technology.”

Some unique features of the integration include:

  • Real-time financial statements driven from automatic inventory, cost-of-sales, and work-in-process entries to the General Ledger
  • Three-way match against vendor purchase orders, receipts, and bills
  • Integrated customer shipments and invoicing

KeyedIn Manufacturing coupled with QuickBooks Online streamlines the end-to-end…

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