Key Title and Escrow Contributes to the Humanitarian Aid Efforts in Houston and Florida

No country can easily recover from two hurricanes like Harvey and Irma, but if we all contribute, we can make a big difference

Key Title & Escrow, a leading title and escrow company in Florida, joins the efforts to help Houston and Florida after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit both locations over the past several weeks. The company wanted to deliver prompt help to the communities that have been affected by these devastating hurricanes.

“Ever since we heard about the strength with which Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we knew its community would need help. Irma’s destructive power then followed and struck Florida, risking lives and properties. We knew that recovering both cities from the hurricanes’ aftermath would require the effort of many. With that in mind, we were sure that making a donation would be the best way to help in this difficult situation. No country can easily recover from two hurricanes like Harvey and Irma, but if we all contribute, we can make a big difference,” commented the owner of Key Title & Escrow, Robert MacDougall.

This Florida title and escrow company has been in the real estate industry for over 23 years, granting customers efficient closings throughout the state of Florida. They strive to provide a fast, personalized service that allows clients to close their transactions on time. In this time of difficulty, they thought it was important to offer a friendly hand to help their fellow Americans.

The company wants to appeal to the heart of all Americans by uniting their efforts to get those communities back on their feet. They know that rebuilding the affected areas won’t be as easy as it sounds, but it is possible if it is taken one step at a time. Those who are also interested in showing their support can send their donations to the following local charities:


AirBnB: If you can offer up a room locally for displaced residents and evacuees, AirBnB will help facilitate that. Site to donate diapers. SPCA is an animal shelter and is also taking in stray or displaced pets. An umbrella organization coordinating shelters and organizations across Houston.

Florida: If you want to donate money for supplies.

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