Key Housing, Providers of Los Angeles Serviced Apartments, Announces Featured Furnished Apartment Community in Tandem with the Hollywood Dream

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Hollywood is still the place people think of when visiting the Los Angeles area.

Key Housing, the leading source for corporate, short-term, and serviced apartments in California from Los Angeles to San Francisco, is proud to announce its featured apartment unit for September will be the Vantage Apartments of Los Angeles. This featured property can mix the new and old glamour of Hollywood. A European visitor seeking a serviced apartment in the Los Angeles area may be interested in a vacation near the base of the Hollywood Hills.

“Hollywood is still the place people think of when visiting the Los Angeles area,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Popular movies like La La Land have shown how old Hollywood glamour can still be enjoyed while living in modern times. The Vantage Hollywood is the perfect mix of old and new for our guests. That’s why it is our featured apartment for September.”

European visitors searching for an end-of-summer holiday or business trip in the Los Angeles region can review the featured units of Vantage, Hollywood at the following URL: Vantage has close proximity to the Hollywood Hills for outdoor activities such as hiking and sightseeing. Nearby restaurants, grocery stores and entertainment can also be found. To review serviced apartments, or furnished apartments throughout the Los Angeles region please visit this URL: Please note that a “serviced apartment” can also go by the name of “furnished apartment.” To review a landmark article on the company’s blog on the topic of serviced apartment, visit

Vantage Hollywood, Featured Los Angeles Serviced Apartment for September can bring La La Land to Life

Here is background on this important press announcement. Southern California’s world-renowned City of the Angeles has also be home to Hollywood and the film industry since the 1920’s. The recent movie “La La Land” may have sparked a renewed interest in Hollywood’s history. Young people performing to older Hollywood-style songs…

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