Key Components of Baby Girl or Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Parents welcome their kids with the best things planned. All sorts of things from the baby girl or baby boy shower invitations to the actual celebration when your child comes into the world has to be perfect. The invitations function as memorabilia you can use for the baby scrapbook down the road. This is why it needs to reflect the special occasion while still looking elegant and unique.

There are plenty of points you should consider when choosing and designing your baby shower or christening invitations. Examine every one of them carefully to decide on the ideal one for your own child. A carefully chosen invitation captures the theme of every celebration while providing enough information regarding the party.


Would you like to distribute print or digital electronic invitations? Many individuals still print out baby girl or baby boy shower invitations. These could serve as a map for guests that happen to be not familiar with your venue. They might also do double-duty, becoming your guests’ meal stub inside the reception if your celebration is a really large one.

Environmentally concerned parents send digital electronic invitations since they save paper. They’re also free, letting you minimize printing expenses. Finally, you could send animated versions of your invite, to provide more information and choose larger sizes. The drawback is your guests won’t be able to bring the invitations and use them as reference on their way to the party. You will need to send another map link they could use as their guide eventually.


Color is among the fastest ways your invitees know if your kid is a boy or a girl. Baby boy shower invitations usually come in blue, while little girl invitations appear in pink. This lets them determine what sort of gift they ought to buy.

Other parents want to keep their child’s sex a surprise till the day of birth. You should use neutral colors like green or yellow in such cases. Tell your guests to shop for gifts which are not…

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