Kenall is the First to Introduce Light Fixtures Using Indigo-Clean Technology to Safely Kill Harmful Bacteria

Two of Kenall’s best selling luminaires now feature an option for Indigo-Clean Technology, which kills harmful bacteria including staph, such as MRSA.

These luminaires provide solid lighting efficacy and disinfection at basically the same cost as a standard LED luminaire. They bolster current cleaning methods by helping eliminate harmful bacteria in these types of spaces.

Most people agree that athletic activity is healthy for mind and body, but harmful bacteria in locker rooms, restrooms and on equipment introduces the risk of infection. To combat these infections, Kenall has incorporated Indigo-Clean technology into two of the company’s best-selling sealed, high-abuse, LED light fixtures: the Millenium™ Stretch MLHA and SimpleSeal™ HASEDI Luminaires. These luminaires combine white ambient light with 405nm Indigo light in order to kill harmful bacteria, including staph*, such as MRSA**, and are part of a comprehensive portfolio of lighting products that Kenall has developed utilizing this revolutionary new technology.

“This technology has been tested in a laboratory setting and has been shown to kill harmful bacteria. This certainly has the potential to make our sports facilities, locker rooms and health clubs safer for athletes, patrons and employees,” said Dr. Cliff Yahnke, PhD, Director of Clinical Affairs for Indigo-Clean. “Unlike UV disinfection, this technology is safe for occupants, and it reaches places normal cleaning doesn’t touch,” he continued.

Frank Gonzales, Director of Product Management for Kenall, remarked on the economic advantages of the new Millenium™ Stretch MLHA and SimpleSeal™ HASEDI Luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology, “These luminaires provide solid lighting…

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