Keeping You Energy Green through Using Biomass Boilers


With oil and gas supplies only being given a 45 and 65 year lifespan by researchers, our fossil fuels are in danger of disappearing very quickly.

These statistics demonstrate the importance of utilizing other sources of energy. 

Biomass is a source energy created from the burning of biological materials such as plants and biodegradable waste.

This can power heating systems known as biomass boilers and is a genuine alternative to the fossil fuels we have always taken for granted.

The use of biomass as an alternative fuel source has raised a number advantages and disadvantages, associated with its use.




The main advantage is that biomass energy benefits the environment and uses agricultural, industrial and urban residues than that fuels that are in danger.

It can help the environment because it is effectively reusing carbon which is already an existing part of the natural carbon cycle.

Fossil fuels are not, and burning them releases huge amounts of extra carbon which are then permanently added into the environment.

Biomass production can also lead to the reduction of harmful carbon dioxide, as it involves the growing of new crops which consume co2 to photosynthesise.

Biomass production is also an effective way of ridding landfill sites of biodegradable materials.

Therefore, biomass fuel helps to provide a solution for the worlds growing waste disposal problems and enables waste products to re-purposed into producing energy rather than simply being tossed away.

Biomass fuel is both cost effective and beneficial in the long run as we search to replace depleted fossil fuels as our number one source of energy.

Furthermore, not every country has their own reserves of fossil fuels, instead having to import their supplies which makes them heavily dependent on other countries. Worth noting too, that all countries can produce their own biomass, whereas not all countries have fossil fuel reserves, instead relying on expensive imports.

As supplies of oil and gas fall, their demand and price will only increase, making biomass an increasingly cost effective solution.




The land space for growing crops to burn, as well as the biomass boilers themselves can take up valuable land for food harvests.

With global hunger a constant issue, devoting land to food crops will also be a priority.

Also, the technology behind biomass energy is still in its relative infancy so systems are still costly.

While the carbon emissions from biomass…

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