Keeping Customers Happy through a Simple Thank You

The primary goal of a lot of business owners is to generate new customers in order to expand their customer base. Although this is useful in increasing sales and profits, old customers should still be considered. After all, it is much easier and cost-effective to market to old customers who already know the quality of your products and services than to convince new customers to consider your offers.

Often, customer retention is the key to sustaining a successful business. If you are a small business owner, you might want to put enough attention in maintaining your old customers. They could mean the difference between a successful and failed business. Remember that low acquisition cost is involved when promoting to existing customers so don’t ignore them.

A good strategy in keeping old customers is to say thank you to them. Sending a greeting card printing that conveys a simple thank you will mean a lot of things to people. This simple gesture will make an impact on their mind. If you want to convey thank you and keep your old customers loyal to you, follow these simple pointers:

1-  Say thank you all the time. When meeting people, getting new sales, or simply handing out your business cards, don’t forget to say thank you. Don’t hesitate to give gratitude when essential so people will feel special and valued. A smile coupled with a thank you will already give the personal touch that people look for in a business owner.   

2-  Give out personal notes. After a successful sale, don’t forget to send out personal thank you notes. Even if a customer only made an inquiry, sending a note of gratitude is still in order. Make sure the note is personal. Instead of using preformatted cards or notes, it’s best if you design and write it yourself. Although an email is much quicker to send, it’s still best to send a personal thank you. This will surely add to the value and power of your gratitude.

3-  Ask them to join tradeshows and business events. A meeting…

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