Keep Tracked Your Business with Trademark Registration

Do you want to begin your own trade or business? A business name, logo, symbol etc are initial thing; you should to decide to identify your business. Trademark is just a kind of mark, which keeps separate particular business from others. One can identify their business with trademark, which keeps also protected their rights of ownership of particular brand, logo, design etc. Trademark registration is such a compulsory step to build a strong business.

When you do plan for registration of mark, few initial steps you should to take by following tm act 1999. First of all, checking availability of name is necessary and you should to get in touch with tm agent for trademark search that keep separate your mark from others and yield a strong name to your services and product. You could also make name availability search also online, is really an easy method to conduct tm search. After successfully search of mark, you could be able trademark filing to continue the process of tm registration. But, application filing should be made impeccably and fill the form tm-1 with prescribed fees. The tm filing is usually made at trademark offices situated in major Indian cities; one can seek also better counseling from attorneys and agents.

At tm office, you don’t only get tm search and application filing services, various steps are also managed to made an impeccable trademark registration to grant someone a right to use the symbol to categorize the business and keep safe the services and products from any kinds of infringement. Registration of mark is received after at least six month from when application is filed. During such duration, after application filing, it goes to examination and publication to be sure if any have same registered mark, could to claim. If there is not any claim against particular suggested mark, it tracked to next process.

Trademark registration benefits:

• Nationwide notice of tm owner’s claim

• Proof of trademark ownership


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