K4Connect Enhances Senior Living Technology with Secure Communications, Allowing Residents to Foster Deeper Connections

Today, one of the biggest issues facing older adults is social isolation. According to AARP Foundation’s Connect2Affect, 17 percent of older adults feel isolated, while 26 percent are at an increased risk of death simply due to the feeling of loneliness. While moving into a senior living community can certainly help alleviate many of these issues, it can still be difficult for residents to connect with others in the community.

To help foster these important personal relationships, K4Connect, a mission-centered technology company that creates solutions to serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, recently added resident-to-resident communications to its flagship product, K4Community, which is designed specifically for residents of senior living communities. Now, it is easy for residents of communities that have deployed K4Community to text and call one another via K4Community’s resident application, all over a secure network.

This expanded functionality enables enhanced resident connectivity via K4Community’s same easy-to-use application residents use for others aspects of community living, such as signing up for events, taking surveys, sharing pictures or even checking the day’s menu. Now, residents are able to quickly and seamlessly connect and communicate with each other, whether to share news, make arrangements to get together or just to chat. As a result, K4Connect hopes to foster both greater digital and physical connection among residents, offering a better overall sense of belonging and community. These new resident-to-resident communication capabilities are in addition to K4Community’s ability to connect residents to family and friends outside the community, through voice and video calling, photo sharing and even information about activities and programs offered by the community.

“The new social connectivity offered by K4Community is yet another way for residents to develop meaningful friendships within their community,” said Ben Armstrong, VP Product Management at K4Connect. “These features also establish the foundation for future innovation as we continue to implement more social capabilities across K4Community.”

“From the beginning, K4Community was designed with its users and our residents in mind. Our residents were expressing…

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