Judge throws out DJ’s claim against Taylor Swift in groping case

A federal judge dismissed a former Colorado DJ’s legal claim against pop superstar Taylor Swift late Friday, saying that the radio host had failed to prove the singer personally set out to get him fired.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge William Martinez still allows David Mueller to go forward with his lawsuit against Swift’s mother, Andrea, and Frank Bell, their point man with radio stations. A symbolic countersuit by Swift for $1 can also move forward.

Mueller had denied groping Swift during a 2013 meet-and-greet and had sued her for up to $3 million.

While the judge was ruling, Swift occasionally looked at her attorney for approval. When Martinez was finished, Swift and her team walked up to one another and hugged, smiled and whispered.

Closing arguments regarding the remaining claims are due to be heard Monday.

Martinez had sent the jurors home earlier Friday while attorneys on both sides argued over whether Mueller had presented enough evidence to send his full case to the jury. Those statements and the judge’s questions focused on whether Swift herself had done anything to get Mueller fired.

Swift’s former bodyguard had testified that he saw Mueller reach under her skirt a moment before a photographer snapped their picture during the pre-concert meet-and-greet at Denver’s Pepsi Center.

Greg Dent, who no longer works for Swift, said he was standing a few steps away but did not intervene because he generally took his cues from the pop star, and she gave him no signals during the encounter.

Seated at her legal team’s table, Swift chuckled when Dent testified that, after the photo was taken, he suspected that Mueller would be at the bar of the…

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