Jovium® System Products Coming Soon to

“We look forward to this partnership with and to helping more people than ever achieve balance in their lives and their moods,” said Dr. Nudman.

The Jovium® system, a set of three different supplements that help people find better, more positive mood regularity, will soon be available for purchase on, a rapidly growing online retailer.

Each of the three products featured in the Jovium® System were developed by Dr. Alfredo Nudman, a highly respected clinical psychiatrist who is also a professor at an Ivy League university. Dr. Nudman has experience in working with patients who suffer from many different types of mental health problems of varying severity, and used that experience and knowledge during the process of developing the Jovium® system.

“We are excited to announce that we are beginning a new sales partnership with,” said Dr. Nudman, President of the Advanced Nutraceutical Research Corporation and the developer of Jovium®. “ is a quickly growing platform for products of all kind, especially those in the health and wellness industry. With so many Americans who struggle with stress, anxiety and all types of mood disorders, it is important for them to have an effective remedy that does not contain the potentially harmful side effects as many forms of prescription medication. We are looking forward to helping more of these people to find the relief they so sorely need.”

The feelings associated with one’s mood, including energy, interest, appetite and stress, are all regulated by the brain. To maintain a proper balance of these feelings, the brain requires a certain level of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. If a chemical imbalance occurs among these neurotransmitters,…

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