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Orange Lutheran High School senior Johnathan Haaland started out running the spotlight for the school’s production of “Tarzan” in his freshman year. Steadily, he  worked his way up, taking on roles of increased responsibility, including stagehand and light board operator. This summer, he was hired to design lighting for all the summer rental events at the school’s Nechita Center.

“He’s really exceptional and is considered an integral part of the team both during the school season and summer as well,” teacher Crysti Everhart says.   “He is the backstage ‘go to’ when it comes to lighting design.  Most of our crew forgets he is a student and consider him a colleague.”

Name: Johnathan Haaland

School: Orange Lutheran High School

Grade: 12

Hometown: Anaheim

Q: Tell us about working as a tech student at your school.

A: Being able to be a tech student at OLu is really fun for me. I have to manage my time in the theater as well as outside to make sure I keep my grades up and be with family. All of this I managed to do by also working 1,197 hours in the theater from fall of 2015 to now.

Q: How did you get involved in theater?

A: In freshman year I was a spotlight…

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