John Cobb Rochford Announces Course Offerings in Collaboration with Greater Nashville REALTORS®

John Cobb Rochford of Rochford Law & Real Estate Title, a well-respected member of the Nashville legal and real estate community, is pleased to announce a series of classes in collaboration with Greater Nashville REALTORS®.

Collectively, these courses offer a comprehensive overview of real estate law in Tennessee. Individually, each one provides a breakdown of commercial real estate fundamentals, litigation overview, and an understanding of the closing processes. Working together with Greater Nashville REALTORS® gives Rochford a platform for novice investors and seasoned developers alike to utilize his expertise.

“It’s my goal to provide expert legal guidance and advice to the community,” said lawyer John Cobb Rochford. “I believe in offering resources that deliver value to our community. These classes afford individuals with insight into the issues they might face regarding commercial real estate. The idea is to demystify the process and provide the community with advanced solutions.”

John Cobb Rochford is committed to providing comprehensive legal services for all real estate transactions. Attendees of the courses will be able to choose from the following:

Avoiding Real Estate Lawsuits provides an overview of various legal issues that arise concerning real estate including title insurance issues, partition suits, suits to quiet title, valuation litigation, land use litigation, and suits to enforce restrictive covenants. The class will further give an overview of the litigation process and what to expect when dealing with a lawsuit.

Fundamentals of Tennessee Commercial Real Estate Closings is designed for the residential real estate agent who has an interest in working in commercial real estate, as well as for the commercial real estate broker who wants a review of the fundamentals of the commercial real estate closing in Tennessee.

Understanding the Real Estate Closing in Tennessee provides an overview of the essentials of a real estate closing in Tennessee. Topics covered are: (1) Title Insurance – What is it? Why is it so important? Who and what is covered?; (2) The Title Search; and (3) What the Agent Can Do to Make for a Smoother Closing.

To view the class listings, and to register visit the Greater Nashville REALTORS®

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