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ROSEDALE, Md. — Joe Flacco says he never had a job before the Baltimore Ravens drafted him in the first round in 2008 — not in high school or in college at Delaware.

So on Friday the Super Bowl MVP padded his resume by serving up Blizzards and burgers at a Maryland Dairy Queen.

He botched an order — handing out chicken fingers to a customer who ordered burgers — and the 6-foot-5 quarterback nearly bumped his head on the menu above the cash register.

“Definitely not my thing,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “I would not be very good. If you were ordering sundaes from me and I was the one making them, you wouldn’t be very happy with Dairy Queen. Thank God that’s not the case.”

In addition to promoting DQ’s new $5 lunch, Flacco presented a $25,000 check for the memorial fund of Matthew J. Cheswick, a Maryland high schooler who was killed by a drunk driver.

Suddenly popular Flacco has a busy summer planned: At some point he’ll put on a Baltimore Colts uniform to play Johnny Unitas in the final scenes of a film based on the late quarterback’s life. He said he wasn’t bothered by criticism coming from part of the Unitas family opposed to the film and the book that inspired it. A Unitas grandson called Flacco an “embarrassing choice” to play his grandfather.

“I’m not worried about that,” he said. “I’m just honored to be asked to do it. I’m not going to let that affect me.

“Obviously he’s a Baltimore legend. He’s a person you grow up hearing about. It’s pretty cool to come here and win the same way he was able to win a little bit.”

In September, Flacco’s wife is due to have their second child. He says he won’t be missing any football on the big day, whenever it comes.

“She’s doing OK. She’s due in September,” he says. “I’ll be at the hospital if I can, but not if it’s on a Sunday.”

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