Joe Carr’s ‘The Corrupt Costermonger’ Gets New Marketing Campaign

Set for a new marketing campaign, Joe Carr’s crime novel, “The Corrupt Costermonger: A Seller of More Than Fruit” (published by Xlibris UK in December of 2016) tells the story of a United Kingdom police officer who receives a tip that leads him into a conspiracy involving illegal immigrants, drugs, police corruption, money laundering and possible terrorist activity.

When Detective Sergeant Ron O’Neill of the Birhampton Police gets a call from a low-level criminal named Errol George, he is unprepared for the far-reaching revelations that follow. Errol tells Ron of a drug ring headed by Dwaine Sutton, a fruit and vegetable vendor, a “costermonger” who sells his produce from a marketplace stall. Dwaine and his brothers are selling heroin, smuggling in immigrants in wooden crates with drugs tucked in their jackets. But, as the sergeant soon finds out, Dwaine’s criminal activities are only the first link in a criminal chain that may lead all the way up to a member of the British parliament.

“The central topic of this book is how a simple telephone call can lead to illegal immigrants, murder, an active terrorist’s cell and the jailing of a Member of Parliament,” Carr says. “Whilst not based on an actual case, it has been formulated by experience.”

An excerpt from the book reads:

“I would rather you didn’t adopt that attitude, Errol. If you persist like that, I will have blue lights flashing all around your house. Having told control room via this little radio in my hand that I’ve been threatened, I might even throw in a comment to the effect that the guy had a knife in his hand. How does that grab you?”

“You bastard.”

“You may be right. I don’t remember my father, but I do remember last Wednesday night. So Errol, which way do you want to play this game?”

“The Corrupt Costermonger: A Seller of More Than Fruit”

By Joe Carr

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 162 pages | ISBN 9781514499436

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 162 pages | ISBN 9781514499429

E-Book | 162 pages | ISBN 9781514499412

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Joe Carr was born in West Hartlepool, County Durham, in the northeast of England. The youngest of seven children, he was educated at the Sacred Heart School. He then…

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