“Jobsolescence” – Will Machines Destroy Our Jobs – Global Futurist Says Yes and No

In a new interview with CMRubinWorld, author and global thought leader Charles Fadel discusses the four different job types and the likelihood of them being offshored or automated. He notes that “routine impersonal work, such as basic accounting, call center operators, and airline help desks” are already being offshored and “are moving towards further automation.” Non-routine impersonal work such as X-Ray interpretation and pathologists, legal discovery, and document editors are becoming “increasingly offshored even though they are harder to automate.” The third job group is routine personal work, such as taxi drivers and cleaning services which he says “will remain on shore but also might become jobs for robots.” As for CEOs and surgeons, Fadel notes that these types of jobs “will most likely remain onshore for a long time, and are also harder to automate.” Fadel adds that artificial intelligence, despite taking away jobs, might create high-paying jobs such as the app developer, the driverless car engineer, and the big data analyst.


Fadel believes that the automation of jobs and the competencies required for the jobs of the future require a new approach to education. Education systems must make themselves relevant. “We need courageous cathedral builders! We also need to address traditional experts’ biases clinging to their narrow domains, parents’ old personal experiences biasing their views, and teachers’ and administrators’ lack of training and leadership, respectively,” says the futurist. “We talk about flipping the classroom, we must talk about flipping the curriculum,” says Fadel.


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Charles Fadel is the Founder and Chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign and the author of “Four-Dimensional Education”. Fadel’s research into…

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