Joan Cusack says being a mom ‘is hard work’ but it’s still her favorite role


Joan Cusack appeared in “It’s a Very Merry Muppets Christmas Movie” in 2002. Joan Cusack joined her brother, actor John Cusack, at Salt Lake Comic Con on Friday, Sept. 22, 2017.

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s not surprising that a brother and sister actor duo talked about family.

Both John and Joan Cusack spoke at the Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 on the various roles they’ve performed and the movies they filmed, and oftentimes the topic came back to family.

One fan asked both Cusacks what their favorite roles ever were.

Joan said “being a mom” was her favorite role.

“I do feel like playing a mom is hard work,” she sadd. “And I feel like you’re making it up as you go along,” she said. “It’s a character you have to put on and do right.”

Right now, Joan has sacrificed some roles in order to help raise her son, who is in high school. She said she’s trying to be a “good mom” right now.

“She’s a good mom, too,” John joked.

“And he’s a good uncle,” Joan replied.

The two Hollywood stars spent a lot of time joking back and forth like brother and sister.

For example, when asked about what characters they’re most like in real life, Joan said that she’s very much like Jesse from “Toy Story,” igniting a huge applause from the crowd.

“Occasionally too loud,” John quipped.

Cusack said that a Twitter troll told him that studios should cast him in less movies and Joan in more, but he laughed at the insult.

“They should cast her all the time,” John said. He then turned to the crowd, “Don’t you think they should cast her in more TV shows and movies?”

The crowd roared.

He added, “You tell me to cast my sister more and you think that’s going to make me mad?”

John said Joan is always good in every role she takes on. He said he most appreciate her appearances in “Men Don’t Leave,” “Toys” and “In & Out.”

He also said he’s enjoyed every role when he’s worked with her. They’ve worked together in “Class”…

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