JM Internet Announces The Password Book is Now Available on Amazon

Internet security is important for everyone and it starts with better passwords.

The JM Internet Group, a leader in online internet marketing training in SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Marketing, is excited to announce that the company’s latest book, The Password Book, is now available on Amazon. The book explains how to improve Internet security for the average user by improving password security among other key issues.

“I researched and wrote The Password Book after becoming disgusted at the chicanery and outright thievery of the Internet aimed against average users, especially but not only Senior Citizens,” explained Jason McDonald, Director of the JM Internet Group. “Accordingly, The Password Book is more than just a place to write down passwords. It is that, of course, but it is also a step-by-step guide to upgrading one’s passwords and doing a security inventory of primary hacker targets such as one’s computer, one’s mobile phone, and key accounts such as bank accounts, email accounts, and financial accounts such as banking and checking accounts.”

To learn more about The Password Book visit (Amazon) or At both locations, one can view excerpts from the book, see the table of content, and learn how and why The Password Book is a small but important book that everyone who uses the Internet should have.


Here is more background on The Password Book.  Most password books (or password organizers or password journals) are just that, mere places to write down websites and passwords. (The Password Book does that.) But that’s not enough! In today’s rough-and-tumble Internet – full of scammers, thieves, and scoundrels – people need more than just a “Password Book.” They need:

  • A book that provides scam education as to what scams are out there, how scams work, and how to be mentally savvy enough to avoid “being scammed.”
  • A book that helps inventory and upgrade the security of each key Internet asset, especially the “big three” of computer, email, and mobile phone.
  • And, a book that provides a “password system” so that users can easily construct hard-to-guess…

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