Jimmy Kimmel, Defending Christianity, Offers to Fight Roy Moore


Jimmy Kimmel’s Twitter feud with Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, came to a head on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”


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‘Christian Values’

Jimmy Kimmel spent Thursday afternoon in a Twitter feud with Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, after sending a character from his show down to disrupt one of Mr. Moore’s rallies. On that evening’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” he responded to a tweet from Mr. Moore suggesting that if Mr. Kimmel wanted “to mock our Christian values,” he should go to Alabama to do it.

“It doesn’t fit your stereotype, but I happen to be a Christian too. I made my first holy communion, I was confirmed, I pray, I support my church, one of my closest friends is a priest, I baptized my children. Christian is actually my middle name. I know that’s shocking, but it’s true. So if you’re open to, when we sit down, I will share with you what I learned at my church. At my church, forcing yourself on underaged girls is a no-no. Some even consider it to be a sin.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Video by Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Mr. Kimmel said he was spoiling for a fight with Mr. Moore.

“Maybe when you say, ‘Come down to Alabama and we’ll do it man to man,’ maybe that means you’re challenging me to a fight, which is kind of what it sounds like. And if you are, I accept, by the way. I accept that invitation. There is no one I would love to fight more than you. I will put my Christian values aside, just for you and for that fight.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

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