Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen on filming ‘Wind River’ in ‘tough’ winter conditions Video

Transcript for Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen on filming ‘Wind River’ in ‘tough’ winter conditions

and Elizabeth Olsen and they’re teaming up on the big screen again but this time they’re not superheroes. They’re everyday heroes out to solve a murder history. Take a look. So do you want to show me the body? I don’t mean to be rude. I’m just freezing out here. So the quicker the better That’s going to get a lot worse. The body is five miles on snowmobile. I’m afraid you’d be dead by the time we got there supply got the call and this is what I’ve got. I want to welcome Jeremy and Elizabeth and we are in the mid middle of record heat. The blizzard and snow was coming down. How tough is it? It’s like another character, the weather. It’s — we got used to it but it’s tough for the crew. There’s a lot of people to transport and a lot of equipment to transport and there’s no road so we’re on snowmobiles and snow cats. That was the fun part. Oh, wow. Yeah, I guess that’s fun. Snow cats. The difficult part was for the crew to get the gear out. Bathroom breaks are long because you have to go find — go snowmobile back and come back. Definitely. Having to go to the bathroom, looking for a snowmobile. You’ve been laying low. You’re in “The avengers,” “Mission: Impossible,” the Bourne franchise, relaxing a bit and read this script. It was the first ten pages and the opportunity to work with Lizzie again in a different way, in a real way and then meeting Taylor who is just a fantastic, fantastic director, first directing experience here and I couldn’t say no. Just couldn’t say no. And speaking of working together again, this is your third time working together. Yeah. I stopped counting. You stopped counting. That’s a good thing. She’s also my neighbor so I see her all the time. What you learn at “Gma.” She makes me — Great at steak. Anything you learned that you don’t — didn’t learn — that you didn’t know about each other from filming. She is super, super tough. Yeah, tougher than me for sure. You agree with that. Mental toughness, emotional toughness. I think I’m kind of tough. I’m a fare-based hypochondriac. And very scared. And very scared but I think once I have like an understanding of a situation I feel okay. I feel like I can handle it. You know, speaking of scary, on a snow cat, that’s all scary stuff. I like doing that in a film environment when there’s like a stunt coordinator and safety rules and — She wanted seat belts on the snowmobile….

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