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Back in March, I interviewed Bravo’s “Flipping Out” star, Jeff Lewis, at an interior designer convention at the Laguna Design Center. In his naturally animated and humorous style, Lewis took us through a number of topics, from navigating his client relationships and his management style, to his strong personality and his beloved housekeeper, Zoila. He enjoyed reflecting on his long-running show. (Season 10 starts Aug. 17.)
But what struck me most was how often he encounters clients who want to over-customize their homes. In these classic scenarios, homeowners swear they’ve found their “forever home” and change it to their heart’s content, neglecting smart choices for potential resale value. And what does Lewis see happen with the majority of these clients? They end up selling — usually at a loss.
Fascinated by this, I recently interviewed Lewis again to talk about the slippery slope of over-customization.
Q Why is it important to consider resale value even when you think you’re in your “forever home?”
A We all think — and I’ve done this headtrip as well where I convince myself that this house is so amazing and beautiful and so perfect — that we’re going to stay here forever. But the reality of it is if somebody shows up with a bucket of money, I’m not stupid. I’m a businessman. So I go. And that’s happened a few times for my clients where they were offered up a ton of money; they couldn’t refuse, or circumstances change. I have a client who just got a job transfer to Las Vegas. And that house that we did together was their “forever home.” There’s upsizing, there’s downsizing, there’s moving to be closer to your kids, there’s job transfers, there’s all these unforeseen circumstances that probably mean it’s not going to be their forever home.
Q Is this market trend
A In Southern California especially, I find that people are a little more mobile, so I think there’s a greater chance of moving up, moving down. I find that the neighborhoods are lifestyle-oriented. I’ve lived in Hollywood Hills my whole time in Los Angeles and when we had a baby we moved to the Valley; we moved to…

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