SUNRISE, Fla. (AP) โ€” Jaromir Jagr wants to play at least one more season in the NHL.

It’s unclear if any team wants him.

The 45-year-old forward, not exactly a regular poster on social media, took to Twitter on Thursday to say that no team has shown any interest in signing him when the NHL’s free-agent period begins on Saturday.

Jagr said he hasn’t gotten any feelers from clubs and that no team has taken his calls, either. He said that everywhere he looks, he’s seeing that free agents have gotten inquiries from 10 teams or more.

“Me0 calls,” Jagr wrote. “On the contrary, I’m trying to call them, and no ones picking up.”

The Florida Panthers, however, say the perception that they haven’t been talking about Jagr simply isn’t the case.

“I talk to his agent on a regular basis,” said Panthers general manager Dale Tallon, who has had Jagr in Florida for the last 2 1/2 seasons. “I’ve been talking to Petr Svoboda almost every day, every other day. I just talked to him today. We’re going to talk again tomorrow. So I don’t know where that’s coming from.

Tallon said the talks have been “cordial,” and was asked if the window for re-signing Jagr is still open.

“Of course it is,” Tallon said. “We’ve got until September, October.”

Jagr followed up with a second tweet, showing a photo of himself on the phone many years ago and him looking at the phone now. He said in 1994, every team called him .

It was a rare method for Jagr to utilize when speaking out. He’s been on Twitter for nearly six years, and averages about one tweet per month.

The Panthers had a Summer Summit meeting with their fans on Thursday night, not long after Jagr posted his tweets, and naturally his future was among the topics.

“I just talked to his agent before I came on the stage and I’m going to talk to him again tomorrow,” Tallon said, as he sat with new coach Bob Boughner and CEO Matthew Caldwell on the stage at the Panthers’ Summer Summit meeting with fans. “And we’ll see how it goes.”

When Tallon said that, a few fans…