James Partnership Releases Ten Commandments Video Series amid America’s Rash of Sex Scandals

Theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem calls the lectures “fascinating, challenging, life-changing, reverent, and God-centered.”

Anyone who’s paid even the slightest attention to national news lately knows that the careers of the rich, the famous, the powerful—politicians, entertainers, newscasters, and more—are crashing and burning amid revelations of sexual harassment and rape.

“Shocking as it is, this should be no surprise,” says Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, former ethics professor and Founder and National Spokesman of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, http://www.cornwallalliance.org.

“Unlike America’s founders, recent generations of Americans have turned their backs on God and His laws. Rampant sexual infidelity of any sort is just one of many ways, and it reveals even deeper rot: ‘covetousness, which is idolatry’ (Colossians 3:5), because it grows out of discontent with one’s circumstances and, most important, with the God who providentially planned them.”

Long concerned about the decline of morality in America and the social harm it has done, Dr. Beisner, working with Cornwall Alliance’s parent organization The James Partnership, http://www.jamespartnership.org and 1Voice Films, http://www.1voicefilms.com, has produced a series of video lectures on the Ten Commandments, one of the foundation stones of Western civilization, of American law and culture, and of Jewish and Christian faith.

Theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem calls the lectures “fascinating, challenging, life-changing, reverent, and God-centered.” Rev. Jim Garlow says “people who listen to Dr. Beisner’s brilliant messages … will learn to see the law as a wonderful blessing and, even more important, to know and love Christ better.”

The lectures are designed for presentation in either 23 or 13 sessions, suitable for either a quarter or a semester in Christian schools, home schools, Sunday schools, and other settings. An online study guide will assist viewers to dive deeper into the Ten Commandments.

Dr. Michael Milton, President of the D. James Kennedy Institute and professor of missions and evangelism at Erskine Theological Seminary, says, “We need a right teaching on the Law now more than ever. … Dr. Cal Beisner’s teaching strikes a…

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