‘It’s like a family’: Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett dispute report of friction with Russell Wilson in Seahawks’ locker room

Seahawks Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett on Wednesday defended QB Russell Wilson in comments to the media.

One of the favorite pregame phrases the Seahawks’ secondary uses to hype themselves up is for one player to ask “who’s got my back?” and the rest respond with “I’ve got your back.’’

When it comes to quarterback Russell Wilson, two of the most prominent Seahawk defensive players — Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett — publicly lived up to that saying Wednesday, each refuting that there is any divide between Wilson and the defense.

An ESPN article published last month that focused primarily on Sherman claimed that some players feel Wilson is coddled by the organization, which has helped lead to friction between the quarterback and the defense.

Sherman, in his first comments to Seattle media since last season, said his relationship with Wilson is “fantastic.’’

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“We’re teammates,’’ Sherman said. “It’s like a family. It’s like everyone else in a family, we fight for one another just like I’m fighting for the other 52 guys out there. I’m fighting for him and he’s fighting for us. We have a great appreciation for how tough our quarterback is and what he has played through. Last year he played through a number of injuries and he’s not doing that just because ‘Ah man I’ve got to go out there and it’s a job.’ He’s doing that for the guys next to him and we appreciate that, and we think he is a great quarterback.

“But it doesn’t matter what we say. It doesn’t matter what we say at the end of the day because we could say that until the cows come home, but one guy says he has a story and he’s heard a rumor about this, about somebody down the way saying something and that is the truth.”

Asked about the specific claim that some players feel Wilson is treated differently by the Seahawks, Sherman said he…

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