iTEDIUM Showcases Its Eligibility & Enrollment System for Employers (EESe) Solution

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Our technology allows employer groups and health plans of any size to easily manage the healthcare benefits and eligibility of their workforce, Chris Ballard, COO.

iTEDIUM, Inc., the leading innovator in benefits administration technology, showcases its EESe platform, an innovative platform that right-orders the eligibility and enrollment process, checking for eligibility first and then processing the enrollment.

EESe (Eligibility Enrollment System for Employers) is a portal that provides various levels of interaction with a variety of different views – from system administrator to HR and department head to individual employee – while maintaining strict data standards and customized business rules.

“Our proprietary EESe system is flexible and scalable. It effortlessly integrates with plans and insurance carriers and providers with the ability to follow any given set of business rules giving our customers unparalleled insight and control over their benefits,” says Chris Ballard, iTEDIUM’s Chief Operating Officer.

“From simple white labeling to a fully original site and custom domain, EESe quickly adapts to suit our customers’ branding needs. EESe helps engage end-users with customizable and event-driven communication, boosting efficiency and lowering our customers’ costs,” adds Mr. Ballard.

Some EESe features include: paperless benefit administration, 24/7 virtual access, dynamic enrollment portal, mass enrollment capability, COBRA/HSA/FSA integration, HIPAA & PHI automated encryption and single sign-on capability.


iTEDIUM has been an innovator in web-based employee benefits administration service since 2001; integrating proven technology-driven processes and programs into the work streams of the organizations we serve. Our clients represent a wide range of companies and organizations, from small employers to large public entities and third-party administrators. Regardless of an organization’s size, iTEDIUM has a benefit-administration solution to meet their needs:

  • COBRAGuard® – “The Most Affordable, Efficient and Comprehensive Solution for COBRA Administration”
  • EESe – “A Benefit Eligibility and Enrollment System that Works”
  • Harmoney –…

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