Italian-American Groups Unite In Asking NYC Politicians To State Their Positions On Columbus Circle Monument

The Columbus Citizens Foundation has partnered with over 39 other Italian-American organizations and announced today that they are reaching out to all NYC elected officials and 2017 electoral candidates for their stance on the preservation or removal of the Columbus Monument and Statue at Columbus Circle.

Board President of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, Angelo Vivolo, had this to say; “With no firm answer from our City’s Mayor on whether the monument to Columbus will stay or go, we are forced to reach out to all New York City elected officials and 2017 electoral candidates to demand their position on this important part of our Italian-American history. We have given politicians until September 28 to reply, and we will then make their opinions public knowledge to all New Yorkers.”


As evidenced by the signatories to this letter, the Italian American Community is unified in a commitment to preserve the Christopher Columbus Monument at Columbus Circle and all Columbus Statues in New York Parks. One hundred and twenty five years ago the Statue and Monument at Columbus Circle was paid for primarily from contributions from our community and has been an enduring symbol of pride for Italian Americans who suffered greatly from bias and discrimination. That pride is enduring and transcends any character flaws exhibited by a 15th century man who is being judged by the enlightened standards of today none of which negate a significant navigational achievement.

We are polling all elected officials and those seeking public office as to their position on this important issue and we intend to keep the millions of Italian Americans residing in this state informed as to the result of our inquiry and make the community aware of who is supportive of the Italian American community and who will succumb to anti Italian sentiment.

Please respond to this one question poll no later than September 28, 2017. A non-response will be considered a lack of support for the Italian American community and will be duly noted as such.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

____ I support the retention of the Columbus Monument and Statue at Columbus Circle and all other statues and monuments of Columbus on public grounds in New York

____ I…

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